Hearing Aid Practitioner – MacEwan University


Communication is important in all aspects of life. When communication with family, friends or on the job becomes difficult due to hearing loss, hearing aid practitioners are there to help

Hearing aid practitioners (also called hearing instrument specialists) work with adult clients, in businesses that sell hearing aids and assistive listening devices. They test hearing ability, select appropriate hearing aids and/or assistive listening devices for clients to purchase, and provide ongoing counseling and support to clients for their hearing and communication needs.

Distance delivery means accessibility

The Hearing Aid Practitioner program is only offered by distance delivery, giving students the opportunity to get their education without moving away from family, friends, jobs and commitments. To complete coursework, students use a written curriculum supplemented by textbook readings and online multimedia resources, online discussions with classmates and instructors, and individualized support from instructors. To demonstrate competency in course learning outcomes, students complete written and practical assignments, quizzes and exams.

A leader in education and training

MacEwan’s Hearing Aid Practitioner program paved the way for diploma programs of its kind in North America, and is recognized internationally by hearing healthcare organizations as a leader in the education and training of hearing aid practitioners. MacEwan provides the theoretical and practical knowledge required for dispensing hearing aids and assistive listening devices, as well as the broader knowledge needed for professional success in areas such as aural rehabilitation, interpersonal communication, customer service and small business management.



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